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Hotel B&B Catania

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Catania has been founded in the 729 a.C. from coloni, and is known in the ancient age like Katanč.
The city of Catania has been dominated from the cartaginesi and from the 263 b.C. roman colony becomes one.
As a result of the fall of the Roman empire endured the dominion of several populations which the Vandali, the Goti, the Bizantini, Arabi and Normanni who occupy it until the end of XI the century.
Subsequently the city of Catania lived a period of great pr0sperity during the Aragonese domination, but in a 1693 terrible earthquake ago piombare of new in the ruin, cancelling nearly of the all vestigia medieval and rinascimentali.
Catania is developed is social that economically to leave from the unit of Italy, until becoming one of the cultural centers and trades them more important of the south Italy.

Catania is a city with characteristics acclimatizes them and the beautifulst landscapes.
Situated to the feet of the larger volcano of Europe, the city has become one obliged goal for the tourist who visits the Sicily.
Between the main tourist attractions we remember the Greek theatre, the Odeon and the rests of the roman amphitheater, the Cathedral, the castle Svevo, the Palace Biscari, the Monastero, the Church of the Benedictines, the complex of Public square of the Elephant, the church of S. Giuliano, the church of S. Agata and S. Benedict.

Events and manifestations in Catania


Sagre OTTOBRATA Catania (2008-10-05)

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Appartamento Al Ponte

Folklore La scala di Santa Maria del Monte illuminata Catania (2008-07-24)

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La scala di Santa Maria del Monte illuminata
B&B Il piccolo attico

Municipalities of Catania:

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