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Cosenza, have a great historical relief because it was to head of the federation of the Bruzi, enemy valorosi of the Roman. However in the light of the ritrovamenti in age magno-Greek received not little characters of this civilization. In the 331 a.C., the city, was conquered from Alexander the Molosso king of the Epiro and in the second punica war schieṛ to flank of Hannibal against the Roman who definitively occupied it in the 204 a.C. making some a point of important transit for the traffics trades them with the Sicily. In the 410 d.C., Cosenza, was invaded from the Visigoti di Alarico that died here. Later on it was dominated from the Longobardi and subsequently from the Bizantini; in the 986 it was stormed and had from the Saraceni. Under the dominations angioina, Aragonese, normanna and Spanish it was the main center of the northern Calabria. In 1500, thanks to the Academy founded from Aulo Giano Parrasio, Cosenza divenne a point of reference for the humanistic culture. In the 1799 ideas of the partenopea Republic they inflamed the people cosentino that he was opposed valorosamente to the slaughters perpetrates you from the bands of Ruffo Cardinal that, but, to the fine ones soffocarono the rebellion. Part in 1813 and subsequently in 1829 and 1837 to the conspiracies taken Cosenza to carbonare against the Reign of Naples. In 1844 it was still theatre of revolts and in the Walloon of Rovito, to little kilometers from the city, they were shoots the siblings to you Flag. But the indomita Cosenza rebelled newly participating to the revolts of 1847, 1848 and 1860.

Lyric Season near the Theatre Render in the winter months. Sila prize for Letters and the Limbs in spring. To May dispute the automotive contest "Sila Goblet". In the circondario cosentino pertaining to the Large Sila a station of winter and summery tourism is Camigliatello Silano in which annually festivals (to October are carried out that one of the fungus) and traditional festivities and to February the Carnival of the Pollino.

To Cosenza we find the Park National Of the Pollino. The National Park Of the Pollino is the greatest protected area than new institution in Italy. Between the summits of the Dolcedorme and Cozzo of the Pilgrim and the horizons that are designed on waters of the Tyrrhenian one and the Ionian one, along the massive calabro-lucano montuoso of the Pollino and the Orsomarso, the Nature and the Man they interlace millenarians relationships that the National Park of the Pollino, instituted in 1993, conserve and protection under its emblema, the loricato pine.

Municipalities of Cosenza:

Bocchigliero Calopezzati Caloveto Cropalati
Crosia Longobucco Pietrapaola Terravecchia

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