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The Province of Frosinone confines to north with the Abruzzi (Province of the Aquila), to east with the Molise (Province of Isernia), to south-east with the Campania (Province of Caserta), to south with the Province of Latin and to the west with the Province of Rome.

The first traces go back to the origins of the humanity. In the Museum Preistorico di Pofi in fact the skull of "Argil" (said also the Man of Ceprano is conserved), Homo erectus of approximately 800 mila years ago. Around to the X-ix century a.C., the appropriation of Indo-European populations was looked at. In the WAYS century a.C. the province of Frosinone entered in the orbit of Rome, than of it it made the "Latium Adjectum", that is the "added Lazio". But before taming to the Volsci and the Ernici nearly 300 years passed. Two social wars and two sannitiche wars carried to the populations of the southern Lazio the roman citizenship. From this moment the province of Frosinone will follow the fates of the roman empire and Rome. The separation happened in 1927, year in which comes created the province of Frosinone.

The province of Frosinone has a areale extension of 3.239 kmq and is formed from 91 common ones. In all the territory three main morphologic units are characterized: the Appennine reliefs give you from the Mounts Simbruini, the Lepini Mounts until the group of the Mainarde Goal; they Goes Latin, wide valliva depression that separates the Appennine and preAppennine complexes. The Appennine relief is a characterized montuoso complex from reliefs with summits that exceed the 2000 meters of height like M. Viglio (2156 m), Peak Deta (2041 m), M. Meta (2241 m). To border with the provinces of Rome and Latina we find the reliefs of the Lepini Mounts, Ausoni and Aurunci. Three distinguished montuosi groups making part of the preappennino Latium but that they represent a homogenous geographic area and very delimited. Between the more imposing summits of the Lepini, Ausoni and the Aurunci we cite: M. High (1416 m), M. Caccume (1095 m), M. Calvilli (1116 m) until the M. Fammera (1184 m) characterized from scoscese cliffs and walls to strapiombo with morphologic unevennesses that exceed the 500 meters.

Municipalities of Frosinone:

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