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Hill Lombardy

Agriturismo Nuvolino Mantova 3 Star

Nuvolino Mantova Nuvolino farm holidays finds to Monzambano to little minuteren from the lake of Garda and the parks divertimento. The structure is situated in campaign, dipped in the green of morainic hills, but not in isolated position. familiar and cordial atmosphere is the ideal place for who wants to pass some day of relax far away from the daily engagements.

Nuvolino farm holidays offers to own customers the service of lodging in rooms with treatment of bed and breakfast and average pension; ristorazione with typical plates of the zone; sale of confetture, mostarda mantovana, yields sciroppata and under spiriro, cakies and salame morainic. Moreover, in the christmas period baskets with the products are manifactured dell' Nuvolino farm holidays.

In the outskirtses dell' farm holidays is present a ciclabile track that costeggia the rivers of the Mincio and door is to Mantova that to Fish farm of the garda. Or, there are other alternative distances, where the countries of morainic hills appre ...

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Agriturismo Corte Canale Virgilio Mantova 1 Star

Corte Canale Virgilio Mantova The Farmhouse Corte Canale Virgilio is a holiday apartments located between Milan and Venice, in the province of Mantova, and only a few minutes from the famus Garda lake.

At the same time, the farm is nestled in the tranquil rural countryside with its small villages, farms, and vineyards. While providing easy access to local cultural treasures such as the medieval towns of Mantova or Verona (of "Romeo and Juliet" fame) it is an ideal holiday retreat for nature lovers and those wanting to experience a different side of Italy. Whether by car or borrowing the provided bicycles, one can explore from Garda lake to Mantua and the countryside beyond. ...

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Hotel Locanda Montescano Pavia 3 Star

Locanda Montescano Pavia The Hotel
If you wish your stay to be completely relaxing, Locanda Montescano offers you the opportunity for a perfect rest in a noise-free, calm environment, whether you are simply vacationing or you are here on business.
Our rooms are furnished tastefully and have all the usual comforts.
There is ample private parking.

Business Meetings
A well-equipped room is available for business meetings and conferences.
It has a capacity of 30 people for group meetings and 70 people for conferences or seminars.

The Restaurant
We make every effort to satisfy our guests with courteous service and a cuisine whose aromas and flavours combine tradition with creativity, and without forgetting the need to respect modern day dietary requirements.
We are constantly on the lookout for the various seasonal quality ingredients that we incorporate in our menu choices.
To accompany your meal, our cellar offers a wide selection of Oltrepò and national wines.

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B&B Villa I Due Padroni Pavia 1 Star

Villa I Due Padroni Pavia Are you looking for a splendid vacation appartement?

In that case Villa I Due Padroni may just be the place for you.

Villa I Due Padroni is situated in the vineyards of the Oltrepò Pavese, a region in which centuries old villages alternate with castles and forests. It is no surprise that this region is sometimes called Tuscany of Lombardia.

Villa I Due Padroni offers:
- a large appartment on the first floor of the villa
- a private sun-terrace with a panoramic view on the valley
- a spacious garden with swimming pool
- a beautiful area for hiking and cycling, around and in the vicinity of the villa
- a perfect starting point for one-day excursions to historic cities, the lakes and the Mediterranean
- access to a land of Cokaigne with sparkling wines and other gastronomic delicacies
- it goes without saying that you will also receive the hospitality of the two Padroni, who do everything to make your stay the most enjoyable.

The Oltrepò Pavese still is a truly uns ...

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