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Hotel B&B Messina

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The city of Messina is separated from the Italian peninsula only from five kilometers of sea that gives tightened origin to the famous one of Messina.

The province of Messina comprises also the Aeolian islands that show oneself on the coast of the province, and is one splendid naturalistic example and the most important sicialian tourist center.

Geographically the province of Messina has important places of great naturalistic interest; the montuosa chain of the Nebrodi Mounts with secular trees and the throats of the Alcantara (Reservoir Natural) NATO from the eruptions of the Monio Volcano.

Messina was inhabited before from the Greeks and subsequently from the Roman; just under the dominion of the Roman Empire it caught up its fulgore maximum, than it was dragged until all the recent history. Messina has been hit from devastating natural calamities, which earthquakes and maremoti, but today it is the third city of the island, and moreover a most active port trades them. A most violent earthquake in 1908, and from then reconstructed was destroyed nearly entire.

The main monuments are the Saintest Church Announced of the Catalans of XIII the century realized in Catalan gotico and the Dome that was reconstructed in two times: before after the earthquake of 1908, and after the strafings of II the world war.

Taormina is one of the most popular italian seaside resort. It is located in the Northeast of Sicily, on the ionic coast, not far from Messina, in a favourable position from where you can enjoy a unique panorama.

Events and manifestations in Messina


Concerti Taormina Arte Messina (2010-07-19)

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Taormina Arte
Martedi 20 luglio "TONY BENNETT"
Lunedi 23 agosto "MARIO BIONDI"
Martedi 24 agosto " RENZO ARBORE"
Mercoledi 25 agosto "DALLA & DE GREGORI"
Sabato 28 agosto "MASSIMO RANIERI"
Domenica 29 agosto "ALESSANDRA AMOROSO"
Sabato 4 settembre " CARMEN CONSOLI"
Domenica 5 settembre " MALIKA AYANE"
Mercoledi 8 settembre " PINO DANIELE"
Giovedi 9 settembre " UTO UGHI con l'orchestra dei Filarmonici di Roma"
Mercoledi 15 settembre " ELISA"
Sabato 18 settembre " GIGI D'ALESSIO"
Venerdi 24 settembre " ELTON JOHN & RAY COOPER"
Sabato 25 settembre " CRISTIANO DE ANDRE'"
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Spettacoli Teatrali Taormina Arte Messina (2010-07-19)

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Taormina Arte
-Domenica 18 luglio "GIGI PROIETTI GALA'"°
- Martedi 20 luglio "SUL NASCERE"**
- Venerdi 23 luglio " IL GIORNO DELLA CIVETTA"**
- Mercoledi 28 luglio "IL TIMBALLO DEL GATTOPARDO"**
- Sabato 31 luglio "LE ALLEGRE COMARI DI WINDSOR"**
- Giovedi 5 agosto "LA CUCINA DEL GATTOPARDO"**
- Martedi 10 agosto "BRACHETTI & FRIENDS"°
- Giovedi 12 agosto "MURAGLIE"**
- Domenica 29 agosto "TERRAMATTA"**
-Venerdi 3 settembre "I GIGANTI DEL TEATRO"°

- Venerdi 6 & Domenica 8 agosto "TURANDOT"
- Mercoledi 11 & Giovedi 12 agosto " IL LAGO DEI CIGNI" (Rousse State Ballet)
- Venerdi 13 agosto "MARATONA CHOPIN" (Ivo Pogorelich)
- Lunedi 16 agosto "SPARTACUS" (National Academic Bolshoi)
. Martedi 17 agosto " GISELLE" ( National Academic Bolshoi Ballet Theatre)
- Mercoledi 18 agosto "PASION FLAMENCO in DON QUIJOTE"
- Giovedi 19 agosto "LEONARD BERNSTEIN on DANCE GALA"
- Venerdi 20 agosto "I HATE MUSIC/JACK KEROVAC OPERA/ONIRIDE/EPITAFFI SPARSI (Solo l'evento di venerdi 20 agosto avverrà al Palazzo dei Congressi di Taormina)
-Domenica 22 agosto"CARMINA BURONA"Leonard Bernstein/Chichester Psalms/Carl Orff
B&B Villa Maria

Municipalities of Messina:


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