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Pesaro is city of roman origin with beautiful architectures and an evocative landscape to collinare.
Pesaro has ancient origins much; its foundation is front to that one of the city of Rome.
During the Roman Empire, she was a calm citizen of province and in the Middle Ages it was conquered from several families that have made the history Italian: the Malatesta, Sforza, Of the Rovere.
Later on, definitively it was joined in the Papal State.
Founded around VI century a.C., roman colony around to II the century a.C., comes shaved to the ground from the Goti in the 539. It came reconstructed, it comes donated from the Franchi to the Pontefice, and passed under the protection of the Roman Church.
The Malatesta family entered in possession of the city towards the end of XIII the century and radically marked the territory with works of great importance: the Church of S. Francisco and the Church of S. Augustin, are two splendid examples of the gotica art of this period.
After the Malatesta, Pesaro passed under the power of Sforza, than to contribute to enrich the artistic patrimony of Pesaro thanks to the important construction monuments: Imperial villa, Palace Ducale and Rocca Costanza.
In the 1513 lordship of Pesaro it passes to the family Of the Rovere that it made to construct the Church of S. Ubaldo, pointed out on Public square of the People with with Baviera Palace. Pesaro is distinguished for its handicraft: excellent it is the working of copper, of the wrought iron, of the ceramics, but also the manufacture of pipe in briar-root.
Thanks to the sabbiosa beach shoreline along very 5 km we can consider Pesaro also one pleasant bathing, rich locality of summery manifestations: to june the International Extension of the New Cinema is carried out, to July the Festivity of the Port and Festival of the Sea, to August the Rossini Festival Work, september and October the National Festival of the Groups of Dramatic Art.
The outskirtses of Pesaro are equally of great landscaped fascination; on hills antichi villages and dipped nobiliari villas in wonderful parks are found. The historical centers of Novilara and Candelara can be visited, with their antichi castles, Ginestreto and Fiorenzuola di Focara.

Events and manifestations in Pesaro


Mostre Raffaello e Urbino Pesaro (2009-04-13)

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Raffaello e Urbino
Grande mostra che si apre nel Palazzo Ducale di Urbino intende recuperare e valorizzare questa stretta connessione tra Raffaello e la sua città natale.La mostra, allestita nel Salone del Trono e nell’Appartamento della Duchessa del Palazzo Ducale, sede della Galleria Nazionale delle Marche, presenta i capolavori giovanili di Raffaello, 20 dipinti e 19 disegni originali, messi in rapporto alla pittura del padre e di altri artisti vicini alla fase giovanile della sua formazione.
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Municipalities of Pesaro:

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