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Pistoia is situated in the northern part of the Tuscany and it borders on the provinces of Prato, Lucca and Florence. Pistoia is an active trade and industrial town, famous for its production of flowers and ornamental plants. Founded by the Romans, the city preserves many buildings which witness its past: the church of Sant’Andrea (XII century), the church of San francesco (XIII century), the church of San Domenico (XIV century); the Town Hall and the Podestà’s Palace, both in Gothic style.
Near Pistoia there is Montecatini Terme, one of the biggest health resorts in Italy.
Pistoia can offering some simple, but also very fine and well-preserved artisctic beauties. The main square is piazza del Duomo, surrounded by the the Bishop’s Palace, the Baptistery, the Cathedral and the Law Courts.

Walking through the tiny streets of the city, you can find al lot of monuments, squares, and Romanesque and Gothic churches. Pistoia is enclosed by old walls about 15 metres tall, with towers and bastions; you can find also a medicean fortress: the Fortress of Santa Barbara.
You can enter in Pistoia passing through 4 gates, called Lucchese, Carratica, Al Borgo and San Marco.
A square which has preserved intact its old traditions is Piazza della sala, one of the most ancient squares of the city. In this square, especially in spring and summer, you can meet hundreds of young men, while the place become animated thanks to the numerous restaurants, pubs and beer-houses.

In Pistoia has been organized the famous music festival named Pistoia Blues since 1980; during this event, which takes place every year in July, great musicians and composers come to Pistoia for exciting performances and the streets of the city become animated by millions of people from all over the world. Among the artists who have shown off during the Blues, we coul remember Alexis Corner, BB King, Muddy Waters, Steve Winwood, Guy Davis, Jono Manson, Richard Johnston, Santana and David Bowie.
Every year, on 25 July, to celebrate St Jacopo’s (patron saint of Pistoia) Day, is organized in Piazza del Duomo the country Giostra dell’Orso: that is an historical commemoration during which jockeys on horseback must go along a course deliberately created on the square and to hit the centre of a target with a sort of lance. During this game, the 4 old districts of Pistoia face each other; these districts are the Cervo Bianco (White Deer), the Leon d’Oro (Gilded Lion), the Drago (Dragon) and the Grifone (Gryphon).

Visiting Pistoia

Our visit of the city starts from the enchanting Piazza del Duomo, in which you can find some interesting buildings: the Duomo (dedicated to San Zeno), in Romanesque style, which inside displys some interesting works or art, like for example the altar of San Jacopo.
Near the Duomo there is the stone Bell-Tower, in Romanesque style, built over the ruins of a preexisting Longobard turret about 70 metres high.

In front of the Bell-Tower there is the Baptistery (dating from the XIV century), built is Baroque style with green and white marbles from Prato and Carrara. In the same Piazza del Duomo, you can find also the following important buildings: the ex Bishop’s Palace in Gothic style, the Praetorial Palace in Gothic style and the Palace of Giano (known also as the Town Hall).
Walking along the ancient via degli Orafi, you can reach piazza della Sala, where every day is organized the quaint market and where every evening meet each other a lot of young men coming from Pistoia and borderlands; in the middle of the square there is also an ancient well, called ‘pozzo del Leoncino’, that is ‘well of the small Lion’.

In piazza d’Armi, characterized by wonderful gardens and merry-go-rounds for the children, is placed the Fortress of Santa Barbara (dating from the XVI century), where every summer are organized shows and the cinema under the open sky.
Very interesting could be also some excursions in the vicinity of Pistoia, where it’s possible to admire fortresses and Villas of the Renaissance, as well as places of hystorical and tourist interest, like for example Montecatini Terme

Pistoia offers beautiful simple beauties but at the same time much and very cured. The main public square of Pistoia is the public square of the Dome encircled from the episcopal palace, the baptistry, the dome, the court. Camminado for the small roads we find many monuments, Romanesque and gotiche public squares, and churches. Pistoia are encircled from wall high approximately 15 meters with towers and bastions and can find also one medicea fortress (Saint Barbara). It can accedre to Pistoia through 4 doors (Lucchese door, Carratica door, door To the Village and Saint Door Mark).

A public square that has conserved intact the ancient traditions is the public square of Knows it, one of the more ancient public squares of the city.

In Pistoia in the month of July it comes made the "Pistoia blues" from 1980; a entusiasmanti event with great artists and performances and the roads are animated of life with migliaia of persons. In order to cite some artists who have been to the Blues Fats Domino, Alexis Corner, BB King, Muddy Waters, Steve Winwood, Guy Davis, Jono Manson, Richard Johnston, Santana.

Events and manifestations in Pistoia


Concerti Vespri d'Organo 2010 Pistoia (2010-03-07)

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Vespri d'Organo 2010
Organ Vespers 2010
New appointment of the review Vespers Organ 2010, a chance to "listen with targeted programs, the sounds of the organs of the oldest and most recent development in the province of Pistoia, a rich resource of our local reality that with this series of concerts, is enhanced and revealed in all its notes more attractive ...
Sunday, March 7, in the Cathedral of San Zeno at 17:00 will be performing the Japanese Mitsuru Azuma, playing the famous organ Tronci 1793.
For more information: 0573/25095ancella questo testo ed inserisci la descrizione del'evento in Inglese
Agriturismo Villa Pacinotti

Folklore RIEVOCAZIONI E FESTE MEDIOEVALI Pistoia (2008-09-21)

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Agriturismo BuenaVista

Fiere XII festa mediovale a Montevettolini Pistoia (2008-09-13)

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XII festa mediovale a Montevettolini
B&B Accanto a Pinocchio

Municipalities of Pistoia:

Abetone Cutigliano Pescia

Part of the information regarding the history, the art, the traditions and the events about the city of on this page is drawn from respecting the GNU Free Documentation License.