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Hotel B&B Ravenna

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Ravenna city of art and culture, city of the mosaic, ancient city that 1500 years ago has been three times understood them: of the roman empire of the West, Teodorico king of the Goti, the empire of Bisanzio in Europe. That period has left Ravenna a great monument inheritance, of religious buildings all decorates to you with mosaics that have been declare patrimony to you of the humanity from the Unesco. The art of the mosaic is not been born to Ravenna; to Ravenna it has found its wider expression.

In Ravenna we can find beautifulst mosaics and, but not only: to Ravenna we can take a walk between bell towers and chiostri monastici, to pass from it frescoes giotteschi of Chiara Saint to the baroque apse of Sant' New Apollinare. Ravenna has medieval and veneziane roots roman, gote, bizantine but also. Ravenna is a civil city and accommodates them, rich of events and manifestations of international prestige.
Ravenna, the city of the mosaic, has been recognized world-wide patrimony from part of the Unesco. Eight monuments that constitute the patrimony of 1500 history years, have been inserted from the Unesco in the World Heritage List, the List of the World-wide Patrimony.
Monuments Unesco:
Mausoleo di Galla Placidia Vitale Basilica Saint Basilica of Sant' New Apollinare Neoniano Baptistry Archiepiscopal Nail head Mausoleo di Teodorico Baptistry of the Arianes Basilica of Sant' Apollinare in Class
Churches, pievi, baptistries:
Vitale basilica Saint Basilica of Sant' New Apollinare Neoniano Baptistry Basilica of S. Agata Greater Basilica of S. Francisco Basilica of S. Giovanni Batiste Basilica of S. Giovanni Evangelista Basilica of S. Maria in Port Basilica of S. Maria Greater Basilica of the Saint Spirit Duomo or Ursiana Basilica Church of Croce Saint Baptistry of the Arianes Monumental Church of Saint Maria of the Suffragio Basilica of Sant' Apollinare in Class
Nails head, oratories, tabernacoli:
Archiepiscopal nail head
Museums and Galleries:
Archiepiscopal museum National Museum Museum of Art of the city of Ravenna Dantesque Museum Saint Maria of Crosses Nature - Museum Ravenna di Natural Scienze "Alfredo Brandolini National Museum of the underwater activities Museum of the Renaissance
Situated archaeological:
Archaeological zone of Domus Class of Carpets Domus the Stone of the Triclinio
coloniche Houses:
Guiccioli small farm
historical Villas, dwellings and theatres:
Palace of Teodorico (so-called) Garibaldi Bathhouse
Castles, towers, bell towers:
Rocca Brancaleone

Municipalities of Ravenna:

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