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Reggio Calabria is the capoluogo of of the Calabria. City of 180,000 inhabitants, was one of the first Greek colonies of Italy. Beautiful and evocative zones much mischiano one to that they would have need of city requalification. Garibaldi course is stretched for two kilometers through the center of the city and has one of the walks beautifulr and animated of the Calabria. Between the attractions not to lose there are the most famous Bronzes of Riace, two recovered Greek statues of V the century a.C. from the bottom of the mar Ionian in the 1972 neighbor to the village of Riace. They can Historically be admired to the important National Museum of the Lido in Garibaldi course with to one beautifulst collection of reperti hellenistic the ancient Reggio (Reghion, from the Greek region, adaptation of a toponimo probably native), after Cuma the most ancient Greek colony in southern Italy; it was founded from coloni coming from from Calcide di Eubea and calcidesi of Zancle in the 730-720 a.C. In the 461 a.C. city democratic passed to a regimen and, in the 433, he put to disposition of the Athenian the own marine ports of call in the archidamica war. In the 387 it came destroyed from the siracusani and immediately reconstructed from Dionigi II with the name of Febea. In the 270 a.C. Reggio came freed from erected Rome and in the 89 a.C. to Town hall. In imperial age divenne one of the more important and healthy centers of southern Italy. From V the century d.C. Reggio bizantina, conquered from Totila in the 549, divenne center of the Duca of Calabria and hinge of the Greek ritual in Italy; it knew, therefore, a remarkable pr0sperity until VIII the century, when risen to episcopal center. For one hundred years it was matter of contendere between Arabs, normanni, saraceni and bizantini. Napoleone occupied it in 1806, assigning it to ducato and quartier general. Liberal Reggio had therefore a most remarkable role in the risorgimentali motions and entered to make part of the Reign of Italy, after the conquest of Thousands (1860). Tutt' today Reggio is the popolosa city of the Calabria and is crossed from a spirit of reconquers of the economic, cultural and tourist attractiveness by means of a stiff program to the valorization of its innumerevoli artistic and naturalistic treasures.

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