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Hotel B&B Rimini

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The territory of the province of Rimini offers traces of the extensive past contrapposto to, a efficient and most modern tourist organization, known all over the world for its extraordinary ability to acceptance and hospitality. It lodges to Rimini and province is approximately 2500 lodges, to which they go added vacation houses and ostelli, you camp, farm holidays, apartments and private houses. Of average in a year they come mostly caught up 16 million presences, coming from from Italy and Europe. Bellaria Marine, Catholic Igea, Adriatic Misano, Riccione and Rimini are the names of the famous localities in all Europe for the bathing tourism. The beaches of Rimini are equipped with beach umbrellas and lettini, cabins and showers, bar and restaurants, idromassaggi and libraries, bagnini, bathing watched from the alert eye of the "rescue".

History and culture
On the coast the Roman founded Ariminum, point of arrival of the way Flaminia and point of departure of the way Emilia. From always it has been an encounter place, a crocevia of coming from cultures, traditions and products from all Europe. The roman past has left imposing and evocative traces still today: the Arc of Augusto, the Bridge of Tiberio, the Amphitheater, the House of the Surgeon. Testimonies of the flourishing medieval period are the Palace of the Arengo and the splendid ones fresco trecenteschi of the Church of Sant' Augustin, capolavoro of one prolific school. Between the XIII and XVI the century these lands are dominated from the lineage of the Malatesta, one of the more powerful families of the age. With the every Malatesta country of the inside becomes a castle, blooms the limbs and the culture. Nesce the Tempio Malatestiano, one of the capolavori of the rinascimentale art, built up from Leon Alberti Batiste and impreziosito from the crocifisso of Giotto, I fresco it of Piero of the Francesca, bassorilievi of Augustin di Duccio and Matteo de' the Meal. The province guards in all its entroterra memories of extraordinary ancient historical interest and conserve traditions, from the fairs, to the popular festivities, the handicraft. Verucchio, rocks of the Malatesta; Berni hill, with the way of the flour mills; Montescudo encircled from a integral landscape with the rests of the rocca; Torriana with the architectonic jewels of Montebello and Saiano; Saint Giovanni in Marignano, the ancient granary of the Malatesta; Morciano the country of the markets and Gemmano with the arrogant naturalistic Oasis of Onferno.

Handicraft and gastronomia
The oldest and characteristic laboratories that produce printed publication burlaps to rust: the beautifulst table cloths that prepare the tables of you sew some in Romagna, they are found to Santarcangelo and Rimini. The wrought iron comes worked from skillful craftsmen to Mondaino and Montegridolfo, while in the ancient ones botteghe of Montefiore and Montecolombo objects in ceramics are produced and terracotta. In the riminese kitchen there is a popular rituale in the preparation of the brodetto, still like was cooked on the boats, dense of tomato, fort of black vinegar and of pepper. To the apex of the kitchen duffle-coat the grilled one of fish, with a light panatura to the oil of olive and a pizzico of prezzemolo and, for the buongustai irreducible, the small cuttlefishes to the tomato with the peas or stewed with finocchio and the fave fresh. When it is spoken about eno-gastronomia in this area cannot be neglected wines DOC "Necks of Rimini", I' extra oil vergine of olive and the cheeses, exception products thanks to which is been born the provincial plan called "Road of wines and the sapori of the necks of Rimini".

Events and manifestations in Rimini


Concerti Capodanno 2010 Rimini (2009-12-31)

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Capodanno 2010
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