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Salerno is situated in the tirrenic shoreline, in the inner part of the gulf. The province is extended province bell and second the more population after Naples. The Picentini mounts make background. To sides of these, we find the Lattari mounts that they come down on the coast more traditional Italian. The peach, the breeding and agriculture are the main economic resources; from some decade the field is being made ahead also industrial.

Boasts ancient origins that go back to VI century a.C. to the development of the Greek civilization of Sapri. In V the century the Salernitano passed under the dominion of Siracusa; the Roman, in the 276 a.C., the Campania conquered all and assigned one they colony to Paestum and one to Salerno. In the 640 d.C., the city divenne part of the principato one longobardo that it fortified it. After principato longobardo the Salerno it passed under the domination before the Normanni and then of the Svevi in order then to decay while the Naples city grew of importance. To the Svevi they succeeded the Angioini and, with Carl II of Angi˛, Salerno divenne understood them with the province of Avellino and Benevento. After it subsequently followed the dominion of the Aragoneses and of the Grimaldi. In order to redeem itself from this dominion in 1590, the city, succeeded in to pay until 80.000 ducati ones and came been involved also from the popular motions of Masaniello to Naples. With the arrival of the monarchy of the Borboni the attention of reigning moved on Naples and Caserta and the city of Salerno lost of importance. In the 1820 Salerno it faced the victories and the defeats of the carbonari motions and obtained, in 1848, the Constitution from Ferdinand IV. From the 1870 today Salerno it followed the vicissitudes of the Italy freed from Garibaldi and will be protagonist, in the Second World war, of the disembarkation of the troops allied in Italy.

From the artistic point of view Salerno offers important monuments. First of all the Castle constructed probably in II the accompanied century a.C. from walls defensives. The Castle was widened from the Longobardi and resisted to the attacks is of the Saraceni that of the Normanni. All the dominators of the city were taken care in particular way of the building widening it, improving it and rendering it more and more beautiful with passing of the time. Other fundamental monument for importance and prestige is the Cathedral that, from 1079, accommodates the empty ones of S. Matteo. To the inside of the cathedral we can find numerous mosaics, paintings, works of art of great wealth and laboriositÓ. With to these, to remember it is the portale in executed bronze to Costantinopoli in 1099 and guarded others cimeli in the Museum of the Cathedral. Other building of reference is the Theatre Greens begun in the 1865 from the architects Of Amora and Menichini. The atmospheres of the theatre are characterize you from the incredible number of rinascimentali and baroque decorations inspired to the classic art and the pompeiana culture. To the inside it knows it it of the theatre is equipped of six orders of theater boxes crowned from a ceiling painted from Paschal of Criscito. The theatre was inaugurated the evening in Opens them of 1872 with the rappresentazione of the "Rigoletto" of Giuseppe Greens.

Events and manifestations in Salerno


Concerti Jazz in Parco 2009 Salerno (2009-07-01)

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Jazz in Parco 2009
Jazz in parco a Nocera Inferiore Ŕ ormai un appuntamento fisso per gli amanti del Jazz.
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Municipalities of Salerno:

Amalfi Positano Ravello

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