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Trieste, one of more fascinates Italian cities.
Cultural ethnic between the Latin world, that German and that Trieste Slav has been for along time caught up from a political extremism. Still alive it is the memory of the definitive passage to Italy in 1954, when still the destiny of the national future was uncertain.
Many political sconvolgimenti have produced however most fine reflections of born intellectuals here or that here they have found their creative habitat like Joyce, Rilke, Umberto Saba and Italian Svevo. Mythical the Café of Trieste is full of memories, of great conversations and conciliaboli that happened to their inside discussing about uncertain future worlds that I was in order to end and that was in order to begin.
Trieste was constructed in prevailing way from the Austrians who used it like they marine outlet for the Hasburg empire. In the 900 it exceeded Venice like greater mercantile port of the Adriatic. From then its mercantile propensione of it it has made one of the more dynamic cities of the country. Fulcrum of the old city, Public square of the Unit of Italy offers a majestic panoramic end on the sea. Of forehead they find the nineteenth-century Communal Palace, the baroque column sormontata from the statue of Carl YOU and Fontana of the Four continents. Along the skillful side of the public square they align the Palace of the Triestine Lloyd, proverbiale and ancient company of navigation with the two allegorical Fontanas on the facade and the settecentesco Pitteri Palace. On the opposite side, instead, the famous coffee of the Mirrors in Stratti Palace and the Palace of the Government. Behind Communal Palace it begins the climb towards Saint hill Giusto, the more ancient part of the city, than, until XVIII the century, it has been encircled from walls. We can admire the church of Saint Greater Maria with baroque and endured facade after the small basilica of Saint Silvestro, in Romanesque style with a simple one rosone. Of continuation we meet the Arc of Riccardo, that is one of the intentional doors of roman age from Ottaviano, ancient houses between which the elegant the 800 Pancera house of and the Carducci Institute, in whose wine cellars find the rests of one paleocristiana cimiteriale basilica.
The Civic Museum of History and Art guards archaeological collections mostly, due in great part to ottocenteschi collectors. Draft of preistorici ritrovamenti of the zone, altrochè of pieces of Greek, roman art, egizia; annexed there is also a numismatic cabinet of press and designs with one collection of the Tiepolo and the architectonic Lapidario Garden with epigrafi and fragments roman. In top to the hill the Giusto cathedral rises Saint on a side of the verdeggiante public square of the Cathedral. Of flank to the cathedral the small church of Saint Michele to the Channel can be seen.
To the extremity of the public square the Castle, ancient veneziana fortress is found; laughed them to the Xv-xvii centuries and in the ' 900 it is restored in order to become center museale and in order to accommodate shows to the open in the courtyards. Public square of the Ag is found of flank to Public square of the Unit of Italy and constitutes one of the great centers of Trieste. Here we find the Palace of the Old Ag in neoclassico style and in the vicinities the Giuseppe Theatre rises Greens, always of the first years of the 800. Large Canal, dug to half ' 700 in order to directly allow the drainage of the goodses from the port in the warehouses, offers one of the panoramas beautifulr than Trieste with Carciotti Palace, Aedes Palace and the church of the Ss.Trinità on the background.

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