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Airport Veneto

B&B Dream Venice 3 Star

Dream Venice Bed and Breakfast 'Dream'.
Itís surrounded by a new wood of Mestre in the magic and strategic location for quickly and easily reaching the historic center of Venice and other important historic and artistic cities of region Veneto.
Youíll always be welcome in our house for a pleasant stay, peace, quiet and relax. Itís an environment were the comfort end warm of the house are join with the prestigious of the hotel, which only modern building can give you.

The B&B 'Dream' is a spectacular oasis of pace and quiet at the edge of the cities Venice and Mestre. This comfortable and smart built located in immediate proximity of airport.
The Bed and Breakfast ďDreamĒ is a new built which was open in 2007 with a modern architecture and one particular style.


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