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Vibo Valentia, capoluogo of province, is city modern with offices and good receptivity. It is caught up through the A3 freeway or the panoramic state road them 18 that costeggia the tirrenico shoreline of the Calabria. Guaranteed also the railway port of call with two stations, Marine Vibo and Vibo Valentia - Peak. The city is situated on the plateau of the Poro in dominant position on the territory; from the center city, it is come down to the sea in little minuteren. An important time agricultural market, currently constitutes one of the main industrial poles of the Region, with operating companies in the fields chemical, mechanical and of the working of oil products, alimentary, you weave them and of the confection, the concrete and materials from construction. A lot important the activity of the port, that it introduces a remarkable movement of goodses: they come imports oils to you and materials assign you to the local industries and embark manufatti and coming from agricultural products to you from the entroterra. Importance covers the peach, while in expansion it is the tourist field. Vibo Valentia has been founded like locrese colony (name: Hipponion) on the place of a already existing italico center. Remarkable power caught up in century V a.C. one, succeeding to defeat in the 442 to C. the same Locri; later on it was won and destroyed from Dionisio the Old one of Siracusa. It was reconstructed in the 379 a.C. from the Cartaginesi, passed before under the infuence of the Greeks and the Bruzi then, until in the 192 a.C. divenne roman colony. The city center is made up of a medioevale village, from the tight and sinuose ways, grouped on the hill to the feet of the castle, and a modern part that extends in the below terrazzato shelf and has one to regulate orthogonal mesh.

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