Hotel Giannutri Island

Hotel B&B Giannutri Island

Tiny Giannutri is a few kilometres from Giglio island and, as you draw near, you immediately feel that you have stepped into a mythological world of ancient Mediterranean mariners. Three limestone knolls, Capel Rosso, Monte Mario and Poggio Cannone, outline it against the sky. The only inlets interrupting a coastline of steep cliffs rising sharply from the sea are Golfo Spalmatoi and Cala Maestra, the only two places where mooring is permitted.

The island was called Artemis by the Greeks and Diana by the Romans because of it is shaped in the form of a bow, favoured by this huntress goddess. It still holds its historic fascination and the environment remains untouched. This small island was a favourite with noble Roman families from the Imperial Age who took note of its beauty and came here to get away and relax.

Happily, important historic evidence of their presence may still be seen by the visitor. One of the most important archaeological sites in the archipelago, the villa of the Domizi Enobardi family, is near Cala Maestra. It was a sumptuous villa built on this magnificent natural terrace overlooking the sea, and a number of columns with capitals in composite style, Ionic and Corinthian, can still be seen today.

Two other constructions complete the visit of Roman ruins. These are the port at Cala dello Spalmatoio and four buildings between Poggio dello Sperone and Poggio Cannone. Because Giannutri is private property, there are no hotels and camping is prohibited. However there are guided tours of the island organized by both the island of Giglio and Porto Santo Stefano.