Hotel Gargano National park

Hotel B&B Gargano National park

The cape of the Gargano constitutes a separate island (thanks to the plain of the Tavoliere of the Puglie) from the rest of the peninsula.

The cape of the Gargano accommodates beyond 2000 species between which the Scabiosa of the Dallaporta, the garganica Bellflower and the rarest Cisto di Clusio. We find many pluricentenari patriarchs, trees arboreal witnesses of the antiquity of these forests.
Also the fauna of the Cape of the Gargano is much important: the garganiche forests, that they cover a surface of beyond 35.000 hectares, boast one of the last Capriolo. We find moreover the Cat, the Field mouse rossastra, the Martora, the Rate, green Picchio, greater red Picchio, that minor, the mezzano and the dorsobianco wild, the Gheppio, the Sparviero, the travelling Hawk and Lanner.