Hotel Park of Madonie

Hotel B&B Park of Madonie

The territory of the Madonie Park is characterized by extensive forests of oak and cork oak, holm oak are also present, holly and rowan, and campaigns in Castelbuono and Pollina, you can still find the last formations of manna ash, a time spread throughout the territory.
At higher altitudes also the only surviving examples in the world of Spruce Nebrodi, wonderful species that, in ancient times, covering most of the Sicilian mountains.
The rich variety of ecosystems in the territory of this park makes it as rich and varied showing the population of animals, many, in particular, the specimens at high risk of extinction as the marten, the Dormouse and the wildcat. There are also over 150 species of birds. Currently we are trying to reintroduce extinct species in these areas for some time as the deer.
Other notable elements of the Sicilian flora are the fragrant oleander, especially the exotic and majestic plane tree papyrus, which can be seen, in particular, near Syracuse, on the banks of the River Cyane. In addition there are other species, artificially introduced by the various rulers of Sicily, who vegetate with incredible exuberance and extraordinary ability to adapt as the prickly pear, pistachio, the sumac, the agaves, palms, cedars, eucalyptus trees, the mulberry trees and all sorts of other fruit trees.