Hotel Monte Abetone

Hotel B&B Monte Abetone

The Abetone name (1388 meters on the sea level) derives from a giant fir, much large that it is not being able to be embraced does not give six persons with the stiff arms, that it came pulled down in order to make place the VII Century Modenese road. Until that moment locality it was famous as Boscolungo, name that still today identifies one fraction of the communal wide.

From the roman age Abetone routes already existed that, crossed mountains of Pistoia, connected the north and the south of the peninsula. The history tells that also Hannibal has used these ways in order to come down in Etruria; according to some testimonies it would be passed from the high Val di Luce to the north-west of the Abetone where we find the so-called Step of Hannibal.

In the years the local economy is mainly remained tied to the job of the forests and the coal production. The tourism is begun in the moment in which the Abetone came chosen like goal for the vacations from some families of the Italian nobility.

Today the Abetone is one of the main tourist goals for the lovers of the ski and boasts one of more celebrates sciistiche stations of Italy.

Five of the forty skis tracks that come down from the depositors of the Step of the Selletta, de the Queens, of the Sestaione, the Step of Hannibal, the Step of the Fariola, the Mount Elbow and Faidello are dedicated to some champions of the sport. Two tracks are dedicated to Fausto Coppi.

The Abetone is common independent from 1936.
Common Frazionidel: Boscolungo, Le Regine, Val di Luce.