Hotel Monte Rosa

Hotel B&B Monte Rosa

Located on the Pennine Alps, Monte Rosa is the highest peak of this mountain range and reach, in Punta Dufour, the 4,634 meters. The name Monte Rosa is thought to be due to the magic of which is tinged with pink at certain times of the day: in particular the sunrise and sunset.

The Monte Rosa is located right on the border between Italy and Switzerland, although about 75% of its surface is located on the Italian side. From its heights you can admire beautiful landscapes composed of 5 valleys in Italy and 2 in Switzerland.

The Monte Rosa is the second (like height) only to 4,808 meters of Mount Blanc.

The hill of Silbersattel (Silver Saddle) is 4,517 meters high, separates Punta Dufour from Punta Nordend and is the highest in the Alps Considering its size and its height is the Monte Rosa, as a mass, as bulk of Italy.