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The area of Maremma is situated in the hearth of the Tuscany region, in the center of Italy, in the province of Grosseto and Viterbo. Between the most important touristic locality of Maremma we can remember Grosseto, Orbetello, Castiglione della Pescaia, Follonica, Massa Marittima, Scarlino, the Punta Ala promontory, Magliano in Toscana, the Uccellina natural park, Manciano, Roccastrada, Ansedonia and Capalbio.

A tourist can't help being enthralled by the history he sees embodied all around him in the old town centers, single monuments and works of art. A sense of the past rises from the paving stones, waves froma the bell towers and emanates from the walls of buildings and churches. Many of these churches date from the 13th century and where later re-elaborated in the Neo Gothic style and decorated with frescos of the famous Sienese school during the 14th and 15th centiries.

Castles and farmhouses belong to a medieval architectural tradition that figures among the most important in the Maremma. Traces of old military structures are still visible in the remains of citadels and protective walls, demostrating the importance of these villages as difensive bastions. This was true, not only for the feudal lords, the Aldobrandeschi, but also for their successors, from the Sienese to the Medici and the Lorraine, all of whom continued to increase the cultural heritage with restorations and enlargments that can still be seen today.

Numbers of fortified settlements punctuate the landscape: the 16th century castle in Porrona, the massive stone fortress, the Cassero di Cinigiano, the castle in Pari with sections of the Medieval enclosing wall and the two small fortresses in Montorsaio, documented as far back as the 12th century, and the one in Stertignano with prominent walls enclosing a rustic structure, near the locality of Marrucheti.

The wholesome and extraorinary flavours and aromas of the Maremma cousine seem to reproduce all of the flvours and aromas of the land. L'acquacotta, la zuppa di pane (soups), il buglione (marinated lamb), la scottiglia of lamb and chicken, wild boar in sauce are a few of most typical recipes that still keep their old time flavours.

The dining table tells the story of a land whose secular olive trees produce fine oil and whose vineyards produce esteemed wines. Grapes were grown here thousand of years ago and the winemarking tradition has lasted through our time. It has become an art that has produced Morellino, one of the best-known wines in Italy.
The same art has now produced Montecucco with its distinctive flavours, the latest wine born on these mountain slopes. Fairs, pageants and festivities throughout the year offer the perfect chance for sampling meats preparated with simplicity and refinement, genuine cheeses, garlic breads, vegetables and mushrooms so prominent in local and last, dishes and least, delicious chestnuts.

The area including the province of Grosseto is widely known as Maremma (from the Spanish word 'marismas' - marsh).
Till a century ago Maremma was a marshy and unhealthy land; its natural and wonderful habitat has been preserved throughout the centuries, being still intact and unspoiled today, far from any kind of industrialization or a wild use of cement.
Maremma is a mixture of sea, pine woods, mediterranean maquis and marsh, sunny plains and mild hills: a wild landscape marked by the contrast between impenetrable maquis and tilled fields, hills where man has been working hard and harsh mountains.
Your sight could wander anywhere in this district and, always, you will disover a picturesque and charming scenery where man has been able to live in perfect harmony with nature.

The history of Maremma begins with the Etruscans, the legendary people who dominated Etruria for seven centuries (from the Xth to the III rd century B.C.), the whole Tuscany and, in periods of great splendour, most central Italy. Maremma was the centre of etruscan military power thanks to the position of the two "lucumonie" : Vetulonia and Roselle; the small towns and the ports of Caletra, Heba, Talamone and Porto Ercole.
In 280 B.C. Rome defeated the Etruscans so starting that process of decay (Barbarian invasions, Longobard domination and, in the middle age, the seignoiry of the Counts Aldobrandeschi; the domination of Siena and Florence) which marked the fortune of Maremma up to the establishment of the supremacy of the Lorenas. The marshes, typical of Maremma landscape, were first drained in he XVII th century when Maremma belonged to the Granduchy of Tuscany; land drainage, carried out through centuries, made possible the repopulation of the place as well as its use for agriculture since the beginning of XXth century.

Anyone who comes here knows that extraordinary encounters with the animal and plant world are everyday occurrences in this environment. A visit to an animal reserve makes such an encounter almost inevitable. There are two major protected areas within the territory with a combination of Mediterranean scrub and forests of tall trees offering protection for important animal species. The Riserva Naturale del Basso Merse extends along the border between the provinces of Grosseto and Siena.

The hilly landscape is covered by forests of Turkey oaks, Holm oaks and White oaks and by low scrub sprinkled with Heather and Strawberry trees. Colonies of Hawks, Sparrow hawks and Short-toed eagles nest here and it's easy to spot Roe-deer and deer. The Otter, a species that risks extinction and is rarely found in Italy, still lives in this protected habitat.

The 434 hectares of the Riserva Naturale di Poggio all'Olmo extend around the town of Cinigiano. It is a valuable forest, typical of these high hills, with a large variety of animal life and secular plants like the majestic pear tree-monument that has an old legend associated with it. Wild boar are sure to accompany any walk through this area.

Agriturismo Ripoli Grosseto 2 Star

Ripoli Grosseto ...

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Hotel Rocchette Camping Village Grosseto 3 Star

Rocchette Camping Village Grosseto Our Campsite is located in the heart of the Maremma only a few kilometers away
from centres of great cultural and historical interest.
Daily excursions to the island of the Tuscan archipelago (Elba - Giglio - Formiche)
may be organized, as well as trips to Siena, Florence, Pisa and Rome.
The Camping Village Rocchette
is reparated from the sea only by a strip of cluster pine wood.
There are all services, restaurant, sport courts,internet point and a new big swimming pool(2000mq) with all comforts.

The village is situated in the central part of the structure, a quiet an cosy oasis and harmoniously spread over an area of natural beauty, between our 75 bungalows you will find all sort of the essence of the Mediterranean vegetation , a few example lavender, myrtle, rosemary and so much more. The 75 bungalow are built brickwork and thermically isolated, provided by air conditioning, TV, kitchenette, bedroom, bathroom with shower, and a small living room , private garden with long wo ...

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Casa Vacanze Casina di Rosa Grosseto 2 Star

Casina di Rosa Grosseto Casina di Rosa is a wonderful opportunity for the independent traveller seeking privacy and a pleasant atmosphere. Use the house as a base for sightseeing trips or relax and experience daily life in a traditional Tuscan village.

The house consists of 4 rooms (kitchen, bedroom with double bed, living room and bathroom) and is furnished with original pieces and new items in traditional Tuscan style. The kitchen has all major appliances (including washing machine) and a working fireplace.

The house is located in Civitella Marittima, a small village that lies in the hills between the Tuscan Maremma and the Colli Senesi. The village, home to 350 people, was originally settled during the time of the Etruscans, but experienced its major development in the medieval period.

The area surrounding Civitella Marittima has been declared "Distretto Rurale Europeo": it remains one of the few areas in Europe in which nature still comprises the major economic resource. The uncontaminated env ...

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Agriturismo Il Civilesco Grosseto 3 Star

Il Civilesco Grosseto Welcome to area of Maremma in Tuscany. Ancient, extraordinary, and wildly unique landscape are waiting for you in this amazing country.

The Agriturismo Il Civilesco is situated on a rolling hill in Tuscany’s beautiful green countryside, and overlooks a breathtaking view of olive groves and vineyards.

The area is also ripe with archaeological and historical sites. Nature offers a loving frame by cradling the area within the Costa d’Argento (Silver Coast), Parco Naturale della Maremma, (Maremma Park), the Spa and Baths at Saturnia and Mount Amiata. We are easy to reach, open all year and offer interesting options for both summer and winter getaways. The staff are friendly and helpful and ready to do what it takes to make your vacation memorable. ...

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B&B Il Casale dei Girasoli Grosseto 2 Star

Il Casale dei Girasoli Grosseto Bed & Breakfast "Il Casale dei Girasoli" is a little and small it is a small farm of the old Corporate body Maremma entirely restructured, fused among laughing hills covered by wild stain Mediterranean site in the territory of Capalbio. ...

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Agriturismo Casa Olivo Grosseto 3 Star

Casa Olivo Grosseto Casa Olivo farmhouse is situated on a Maremma hill, in a splendid panoramic position overlooking the ombrone river valley: sourrounded by nature and green hills, this is the ideal place to relax and escape from the stress and to spend a relaxing vacation. In a particularly peaceful position, Casa Olivo is a family owned and managed big farm, mostly cultivated with vineyards and olives trees. You could also enjoy the taste of our natural products: in fact, we are in the neighbourhood of the “ Doc Montecucco wine”. ...

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Agriturismo Torribasse Grosseto 4 Star

Torribasse Grosseto Laid down at the foot of two hills – those of Talamone and Talamonaccio – and faced towards the sea, Torribasse farmhouse represents a recess fulfill of peace and magic where to appreciate the wild beauty of Maremma.

Once being a large landed estate passed after the land reform at the Maremma Organization and therefore purchased by the actual owners, the complex has been recently restorated as in its agricultural parts as in its residential for offering to the visitors comfort staying places.

Its position is a real crossroad between the most beautiful and significant places of Maremma, allowing the visitors to reach, just covering only few kilometers, some of the most fascinating tourist destinations in the zone: The Uccellina Park, Alberese, Talamone, The Port of S. Stefano, Capalbio, Monte Argentario, Saturnia Thermae.

To the curious traveler, Torribasse farmhouse will offer views and panoramas of the surrounding nature: vegetable gardens and cultivated lands, from which som ...

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Agriturismo Fattoria Le Guardiole Grosseto 4 Star

Fattoria Le Guardiole Grosseto Le Guardiole property is located in a wonderful corner of Maremma, in Southern Tuscany, around a marvellous lake and surrounded by 160 ha of sweet and charming hills.

The Villa, the casali, the small church, mainly as red as in the past times, are all located among natural scenaries, with its own colours, sounds, in a landscape where you can hardly feel the human presence. The villa’s rooms’ elegance is represented by romantic chimneys and wood stoves which are all over the casali. The garden’s harmony perfectly mixes with the see-throughness of the swimming pools. Typical Tuscan tastes and specialities are available thanks to self-made biological products. ...

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Agriturismo La Valentina Grosseto 3 Star

La Valentina Grosseto The FARM "LA VALENTINA" lies in the heart of the Maremma Natural Park at only 5 kilometers from the sea of Talamone and 20 kilometers from Grosseto.

It is immersed in nature, surrounded by century-old olive groves and the luxuriant Mediterranean marquis. In the fields Maremma cattle graze and wheat is cultivated. The farm-house is made up of heated, comfortable and functional apartments each with living-room and cooking facilities. ...

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Casa Vacanze Casa di Nonna Clarina Grosseto 2 Star

Casa di Nonna Clarina Grosseto Welcome to the rugged and gentle Maremma, in the heart of Tuscany, an almost magical region whose enchanting beauty has inspired many artists… come and discover its charm!
Nestled amongst the splendid green hills of the upper Maremma, 300 meters above sea level, sits the town of Civitella Marittima.
Here you’ll find the cosy Casa di Nonna Clarina, a spacious and comfortable vacation home for groups of 2-5 people.
The area is rich in history and art, natural beauty and wine-making tradition.
The town is located only 30 km from Siena, 9 km from the hot springs of Petriolo, 20 km from Montalcino (home of the famous Brunello wine), 40 km from Montepulciano and Pienza and 30 km from Grosseto, the capital city of our province.
At 50 Km from the house you can find the magnificent Mount Amiata (1750 meters).
At 35 km there is the Tyrrhenian Sea with the famous Tourist Villages of Castiglione della Pescaia, Marina di Grosseto and Punta Ala. These villages with their beautiful beache ...

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Residence Il Rustico Maremmano - La Tua Casa Vacanze Grosseto 2 Star

Il Rustico Maremmano - La Tua Casa Vacanze Grosseto ...

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