Hotel National Park Alta Murgia

Hotel B&B National Park Alta Murgia

It is incredibly young, despite a history that is longer than that of man. Founded in 2004, here is the Alta Murgia National Park encloses a territory spectacular, carved over millennia by the mighty power of water erosion. In Puglia we call them ravines, canyons, but perhaps the English expression is best suited to understand what we're talking to who - again - has not experienced the thrill of visiting the green heart of Puglia.

It is these deep ravines to have preserved not only flora and fauna of great beauty and scientific interest, but much more. A flurry of discoveries, absolutely out of the ordinary, have occurred in the decade prior to the birth of the Park. In 1993 the discovery of Altamura man: unique for its completeness and preservation of the skeleton. In the Alta Murgia Park, in 1999, is avventuo Ravines, architecture and footprints of dinosaurs: a wonderful area to discover qualosa of startling: the discovery in an abandoned quarry in Altamura and Santeramo a deposit of dinosaur footprints.

There are many, scattered over a vast area of ​​12,000 square meters. According to the scholars would be over 30,000, and the footprints of dinosaurs, as Altamura man, the scientific value is increased by the fact that many of these prints are incredibly sharp and intact. Welcome, then, lie in the chin paleontological richest in the world! Magic of nature, resisting the attacks of man, has managed to survive natural masterpieces, here are the sinkholes.

They really impressed when Pulicchio and Pulo, that go down down respectively 100 and 70 meters deep. But these 68,000 acres of parkland there is plenty more to discover in the 13 municipalities that compose it. Pearls of medieval stone building. Each center has its medieval treasure, the fruit of stone architecture and tuff, expression of a culture rooted in traditions and customs that have not been lost.

The beauty of roses. The large rose-decorated facades of the cathedrals are typical of Altamura, Bitonto. At Ruvo, also have the opportunity to explore the pre-existing underground church.
Museums of memory. Traces of history and civilization and Pugliese, recounted and recounted, we find them in the Museum Hector Pomarici Santomasi of Gravina, in the Museo Jatta di Ruvo and the State Archaeological Museum of Altamura.
A castle full of charm . Walking through the ancient streets of Rome and the Appian Trajan way here is the Norman castles of Gravina and Garagnone. Dominates over all the mysterious charm of Castel del Monte, which is part of UNESCO heritage.

Man of Altamura. It has 150-250 thousand years old but does not show. And 'Altamura man, found in a cave Alta Murgia Park. Its discovery has been an exceptional event in the world: there is another perfectly preserved and complete skeleton belonging to an age so remote. It has been almost 17 years since the C.A.R.S. (Research Centre Altamura speleological) exploring one of the many cavities of Murgia made this extraordinary discovery.

Some of the many questions of Neanderthal man arrived in the meantime, the answers. To farm Lamalunga can make a so-called virtual tour. But back to those who probably were the final moments of his destiny. It should have been another flood to carry her body into a secondary branch of absorption: hence his body was pinned between the stalactites.
For millions of years has remained silent, and when it came to the forefront of the modern world of the third millennium... Many things had changed. He, too, because the water was drawn with the alabaster lace concretions those who seem to 'cauliflower'.

Other unique gift that came from a distant past is the exceptional state of preservation of the skeletal structure. The visit and Pulo Lamalunga the farm, the cave where the man of the Palaeolithic remains are part of the itinerary of the Alta Murgia Park called 'Footprints in the Rock'.